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Event Recaps

APAC Professional Seminar Series: What is Ableism? Unlearning Assumptions, Ideas, and Stereotypes Heading link

On April 27th, 2021, the APAC Education and Engagement Subcommittee hosted its first event of the year, including 71 participants from across campus.  The seminar presenters, Margaret Fink, PhD (Director, Disability Cultural Center) and Hugo Trevino, MEd (Disability Specialist, Disability Resource Center) explained whatableism is, and its prevalence at work and in our everyday lives.  Resources were presented for providing and obtaining accommodations for both visible and invisible disabilities.  UIC is proudly at the forefront of this important conversation and supports our students and staff in many crucial ways that help us all reach our full potentials.

Below is a recorded video of the event.


November 10th Event: APAC Professional Seminar Series: Relaxing, Rethinking, Repurposing our Remote Existence Heading link

Women typing on computer at community table with phone and coffee
On November 10th, 2020, the APAC Education and Engagement Subcommittee hosted its first event of the fall semester.
The seminar was designed to bring colleagues across campus together to have dialogue and answer questions about remote working and work/life balance.
The Relaxing, Rethinking, Repurposing our Remote Existence Seminar featured two UIC guest speakers,Geri Biamonte, MSW, LCSW and Jenna Bauer, PsyD.  APAC Education & Engagement Subcommittee Co-Chairs Joy Valentine and Katherine Yoshida co-hosted the seminar. The purpose of the seminar was to give participants a space to learn about campus resources and to provide the opportunity to learn more about how life stress can be addressed in healthy ways.
The virtual event included nearly 100 UIC academic professionals, civil service, and others from the community.
The seminar evaluations and feedback were 100% positive with many participants requesting more seminars for the future.