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Previous Award Recipients

See below for information regarding previous awardees:


Peter Berg, ADA Coordinator, Office of Access and Equity

Stephanie Calato, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, College of Medicine Rockford

Jiwang Chen, Director, Cardiovascular Research Core

Theresa Christenson-Caballero, Director of Graduate Student Professional and Career Development, Graduate College

Kathleen Diviak, Senior Research Scientist, Institute for Health Research and Policy, School of Public Health

Patrick Falk, Senior Academic Advisor, Biological Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Carol Rose Fendt, Director of PRAIRIE Group, Learning Sciences Research Institute, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Michelle McCrillis, Assistant Dean of Curriculum and Outreach Programs, Honors College

Ricardo Rivero, Executive Director, Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center, College of Medicine

Elizabeth Woods, Associate Director, Grants and Contracts, Center for Biomolecular Sciences, College of Pharmacy


Charity Ball, Director of Clinical Research Operations, Center for Clinical and Translational Science

Sandi Hall, Executive Director, Academic Advising, Student Academic Affairs, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Misty Huacuja-La-Pointe, Director, Pre-Professional Advising, Student Academic Affairs, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Linda Naru, Associate Dean, Associate University Librarian for Administration Services, University Library

Nicole Sammaratino, Clery Act Compliance Coordinator, Office of Preparedness and Response

Soudabeh Soura, Associate Director, Office of Animal Care & Institutional Biosafety, Office for the Vice Chancellor for Research

Roniciel ‘Joy’ Vergara, Executive Director, Center for Student Affairs

Allen Bryson, Director of Pre-Graduate Programs, Office of Diversity & Recruitment, Graduate College


Vainis Aleksa, Director of Writing Center, English, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Chris Berndt, Director of Physical Plant, IT & Facility Planning, Physical Plant Operations – Rockford

Daniel Dicesare, Director of Student Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, College of Pharmacy

Elizabeth Romero Fuerte, Senior Director for Learning Tech, Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence

Megan Magnuson, Senior Class Coordinator, Rockford Regional, College of Pharmacy

Kimberly Miller, Director of Finance and Administration, Dean’s Office, School of Public Health

Santhi Nannapaneni, Director for Student Affairs, Computer Science, College of Engineering


Ivan Arenas, Associate Director for Community Partnerships, Institute for Research on Race & Public Policy

Marc DeVar, Associate Chief Financial Officer, Patient Accounting/ UI Health

Aisha El Amin, Associate Provost and Chief of Staff, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Robert Kiser, Associate Director, Clinical Performance Center, Medical Education

Aaron Rosenthal, Senior Associate Director of Contract Management, UIC Purchasing

Stacey Walters, Director of Career Services, Administration, College of Medicine


Mark Valentino, 

Dana Plepys, Associate Director, Electronic Visualization Laboratory, Department of Computer Science

Brian Roessler, Executive Assistant Dean, Dean’s Office, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Vandana Loebel, Director of International Teaching Assistant Program, Graduate College

John Slavik, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, School of Public Health

Scott Dubick, Assistant Director of Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Health and Safety Office


Lisa Halliday, Clinical Veterinarian, Biological Resources Laboratory

Nick Kane, Director of Facility and Planning, College of Medicine, Dean’s Office

Susan Littau, Director, Research Facilitation, College of Nursing

Kunal Vora, Director of Administrative Operations, Department of Radiology

Dana Wright, Director of Academic Program Development, Office of Programs and Academic Assessment

Angela Yudt, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Office of the VP for Faculty Affairs


Rita Berendt, Neurosurgery Advance Practice Nurse, Neurosurgery

Theresa Christenson-Caballero, Director, Graduate Student Outreach

Eileen Doran, Assistant Dean, Student Affair, Applied Health Sciences

Eloy Reyes, Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Gregory Quinn, Executive Assoc. Director, Capital Planning

Antoniah Lewis-Reese, Executive Assistant to the Dean, School of Public Health


Ifat “Eve” Ali Boles, Director of Research Operations, Math, Statistics, & Computer Science

John Fudacz, Assistant Dean, LAS- Administration

Antonio D. Jimenez, Senior Research Specialist in Health Sciences, Community Outreach Intervention Projects

Jaime Klaus, Program Coordinator, Community Health Sciences

Mee Mee Lee-Choi, Interim Senior Associate Director, Office of Grants and Contracts

Dale C. Lorens, Associate Director of the Essentials of Clinical Medicine, Medical Education


Fernando Howell

Jessica Jonika

Jacob Mueller

Linda Naru

Ana Ogbac

Francisco Pina


Gillian J. Coombs

Elizabeth Herrera

Steven Kragon

Karen Sholeen

Hugo Teruel

Charu Thakral


Jennifer A. Parsons

Christopher Peter Deegan

Yesim Anter

Kristine Jennifer Zimmermann

Stephani Joyce Whitaker

Andrea Marie Celerio